Bucketlist Checked: Amsterdam Canal Cruise


Arrived before sunrise and the cruises are not yet open.  More time for me to discover delicious treasures


Melted chocolate in a cup to be sipped with a pastry?!!  Heaven, indeed!



Now that I’m all hyped up, cruise time!


This was my first time doing a tour cruise and boy what an experience.  I thought it would be a live guide.  There were two staff: the captain and some other guy.  However, we were to use the earphones.  The recording was off.  Sometimes it spoke before or after we passed the subject building and looking left meant to look right which was about the only direction we got from that other guy.  Nevertheless, it is a good way to view the city.  But there are other options, the bus is a great way (separate lane so good on speed); a bike ride to breeze about like the locals (maybe not in March) as well as ye old faithful legs.  Once in Amsterdam Central, you’ve got a walking distance to a lot of attractions.  Overall the cruise reminded me why I like to create my own routes/adventures.


After my cruise, I realized there’s a few places that were not encompassed by the canal.

What about you?  Any upcoming cruise?  Ever been on one?  Share your highs and lows.

3 thoughts on “Bucketlist Checked: Amsterdam Canal Cruise

  1. I am more than sure you have enjoyed Amsterdam. It is a great city, is it not? Next time go further up north of The Netherlands, you will never regret your holidays. You can go shopping by boats or even there are villages with no roads and every house has a boat, You will have a holiday of a lifetime. Great country The Netherlands.

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