A Little Lux in St. Lucia


St. Lucia Papillon Resort

This year was to live a little when traveling and that means better (privacy and amenities) accommodation.  No personal disputes with home stays (hello, I used it for two years).  Just want more!  So when we arrived at Papillon by Rex Resorts – All Inclusive, I was delighted and happy about our decision.


St. Lucia Papillon Resort



St. Lucia Papillon Resort


St. Lucia Papillon Resort

Even made friends on the resort.


It’s really difficult to leave and explore when the resort has a beachfront


Papillon Resort Beachfront

And this is in front of your room…


Papillon Resort Lounge

But we did!  There’s what is known as the street party which I hadn’t heard of prior to arrival.  We forced ourselves to go as it was our last night.

As with all gatherings, the crowd increases later in the hour.  The music is very loud and the police roam the streets.

Also, it’s the opportunity for local businesses to make a sale.


Lucian-crafted masks and art


Ecinaj Soap smells amazing

Although it was sad to leave, we at least have sunset memories


Sunset in St. Lucia


St Lucia Sunset


Soufriere has a dormant volcano with a $7 entry fee to access hot springs and mud bath

Friday Night Bonfire: I asked our taxi driver, bell person, and bartender.  Our resort is in the north part of the island, Gros Islet and the Bonfire is on Pigeon Island

Pidgeon Island has beautiful beaches.

We should have rented a car as the taxi prices was one of the factors we chose to stay on the resort.  $55/day for a car rental; a taxi to the volcano would have been $100.00 and the speed boats aren’t much different.  Keep in mind, St. Lucia has a lot of winding roads and the driver seat is on the right.

There are other islands so a 4-day trip will leave you with a full itinerary including rest and relaxation.

Currency: $10.00 = 32 ECD

Oh well.  Next time!


On St. Lucia’s Coastal Drive


St. Lucia Coast

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