The British Colonial Hilton

Spending nights in the airport is far from the splendid dreams we all have about a getaway.  It tests your patience and adaptability.  After my first experience, I was over it.  Even after developing a routine to freshen up, I really cannot wait to get to my accommodation post airport sleepover.

This establishment is unique due to its Colonial inspired monuments.  What’s even more impressive are the amenities and things to do.

The walk alone to the beachfront is where you’ll find the AWE-someness. My first sighting are these hammock stands.

And you guys know how crazy I am about hammocks.



That is just on the right side which is also in front of the fitness center. And to our left…


Hilton Nassau

…are several sanctuaries for lovebirds and alone-timers.

In the mood for a little competition….or should I say big?!


Hilton Nassau

No time, I want to get in the water before the hot hours.



Hilton Nassau

Impressive!!!  Let’s check out the beach front and then decide!


Hilton Nassau


Hilton Nassau

A stingray swam close to shore to convince me nothing beats beachfront!

Who’s an island lover? Have you been to the Bahamas?  Did you explore neighboring islands?


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