Bahamian Bites!!!


Cricket Club Restaurant & Pub

I love seafood!  That’s a huge plus for being an island lover.  After getting suggestions from the airport employees, I had to head to Cricket Club Restaurant & Pub.

I definitely understand why.  The food is well seasoned.


Cricket Club

Some cold and sweet to go with spicy hot sauce!  Overall the meal was great however the wait was too long, close to an hour.  I arrived the day after a carnival.  Can you believe that?!!! Sigh!

For breakfast, I got johnny bread with my favorite: eggs


Johnny bread with eggs and bacon

Johnny bread is a Bahamian staple and usually eaten during breakfast with a sauce. It tastes more like cake.

For lunch:


Bamboo shack


Bamboo Shack

Being in the hot heat and dehydrated, I inhaled my lunch before I could snap.  Bamboo Shack is a local joint!  Also, not far form the hotel (vehicle required).

Some views during my ride on the scooter:


Junkanoo Beach


Junkanoo Beach

What do you love about going to an island? Think you’ll ever get tired of islands?

Funny thing is I used to not care for beaches at all.  Boy, have I grown!


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